How Much Would A Typical Wedding Cost?


Your wedding is probably one of the biggest and grandiose parties you will ever throw with your family and friends. And with that in mind, all bride and grooms wonder, how much does a wedding cost nowadays?

In most countries, the wedding industry is a multi-billion industry. From wedding venues to menu card printing, it is no wonder a lot of businesses choose to provide for events like weddings because of the demand and how well it pays. In New Zealand alone, the average cost of a wedding is approximate $35,000.

However, weddings can be either as expensive or as inexpensive, depending on how much you want to spend on it. You don’t have to set your wedding budget to $35,000. There are a lot of weddings that cost way reasonable and inexpensive yet still meaningful and beautiful. We know wedding planning and setting a budget can be intimidating for a lot of couples. So it is very important to plan at least a year to prepare, save and allocate budget for your vendors.


Here’s a rundown of how much does a wedding cost in New Zealand.


Registry Office – approximately $1,900

  • Venue and Officiant – $150 (up to 6 guests)
  • Attire – $250 (for you and the groom, should you decide to buy one)
  • Flowers – $100 (bridal bouquet and a boutonniere)
  • Photographer – $800
  • Food – $600 (restaurant)



A Backyard Wedding – approximately $2,500+

  • Venue – Free
  • Attire – Casual attire
  • Flowers & Decors – DIY $150 to $250
  • Food – $400 for 50 guests
  • Chairs and Tables – $300
  • Music/DJ – Free (from iPod and speaker)


An Outdoor Venue – approximately $10,000+ for 70 guests

  • Venue & Rental – $2,200 (includes chairs and tables)
  • Food & Alcohol – $5,000
  • Attire – $500
  • Photographer – $1,200
  • Décor – $500 (including DIY flowers)
  • DJ – $800


A Casual Wedding – approximately $15,000+

  • Venue & Rentals – $2,300 (including tables, chairs, linens and basic lighting)
  • Catering – $6,500 (full buffet plus alcohol)
  • Attire – $1,000
  • Photographer – $3,000
  • Flowers & Decors – $600
  • DJ – $2,000


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A Typical Wedding – approximately $30,000+

  • Venue & Rentals – $2,300 (including tables, chairs, linens and basic lighting)
  • Catering – $10,000 (full buffet plus alcohol)
  • Attire – $3,000
  • Photographer – $3,000
  • Flowers & Decors – $600
  • DJ – $2,000
  • Accommodation – $3000


It can really be a challenge to pull the wedding of your dreams especially if you are in some way constrained by a budget. But, no matter what kind of wedding you chose, how many people you invite as guests, or how lavish the banquet may be, it goes down to which is important to you and your partner and how you allocate your budget. Do you have any tips on how you budget your wedding expenses? Share your tips in the comment section below.

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