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Online Weddings: How They Became Legal

Online Weddings: How They Became Legal

The wedding scene has changed over the years. And although couples would love to have family and friends cheering them along, some obstacles may hinder them from physically attending the ceremony. As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of activities shifted to online platforms. Thankfully, most states legalized virtual weddings, with Ohio, Colorado, and New York being the first states.
Currently, couples can be officiated online by a minister, a judge, a government official, or clergy member through zoom calls. In addition to recognizing online wedding ceremonies, these states have permitted the application of marriage licenses online. Therefore, if you’ve decided to take the online route, the following are the necessary steps to plan your online ceremony.

woman making promo videoblog or photo session on wedding. vlogger or journalist or blogger recording video with smartphone at wedding ceremony. selective focus on woman with smart phone

Picking A Platform

When choosing a platform to host your ceremony, you’ll have to consider whether all your guests can gain access. Some platforms, such as Facebook live, require an account, limiting your guest attendance.
Therefore, a zoom video conference will be an ideal platform to host your wedding ceremony, thanks to its convenience. You can host up to 100 guests for 24 hours, which gives you enough time to hold your ceremony and reception.
The advantage of zoom is that the party can continue to the reception. Furthermore, you can choose to have your best couple by your side or virtually. Although planning may seem easy at first, it would be advisable to get an online wedding specialist to manage everything you need.

Prepare The Required Technology

In every virtual wedding, technology plays a significant role. You’ll need a laptop, a phone, or a tablet. If you’re using a computer, you’ll need a raised surface to place it on. However, when using a phone or a tablet, you need to get a tripod to mount your device to steady it and for good angles.
In addition, you should test your device to ensure it’s up to par quality-wise. Remember to look for a place with the best lighting for your guests to enjoy the ceremony.

Meet The Legal Requirements

For any wedding to be legal, a marriage certificate is required to complete it. Therefore, you’ll need to find out the laws of your state about wedding ceremonies and obtain a marriage license.
Once you apply for a marriage license, the state will generate a legal copy and certificate of a completed marriage. This information will be saved in the government database as proof of the union, making it legal. Afterward, the state will send your wedding certificate to your address after the ceremony.

Get Your Vendors On Board

Although virtual weddings don’t need too many vendors, you may need extra help with some wedding aspects. Since you’ll have too much to do, get a professional photographer to capture your memories and your guests’ reactions to your album.
In addition, you should get a cake that’s enough for you, your partners, and the guests that may be present to nibble on. Although it’s not required, you can opt for a backdrop décor to exchange your nuptials and take great photos.

Send Out Your Invitations

Now that you’ve taken care of your entire setup, it’s time to invite your guests. You can make customized virtual invitations that will make your guests feel special. The invitations need to contain the date, time, and link for the ceremony.
You can inform your guest through RSVP so that you’ll know the exact number of gift baskets to send and what to buy for each guest. To make your reception fun, send your playlist to your guests so that you can have a dance party together.

Conduct A Trial Run

A trial run plays a significant role in virtual weddings and helps to avoid last-minute mistakes that may ruin your ceremony. For instance, if placed incorrectly, your camera may get the wrong angle for your video, consuming the entire process.
You should also check if your gadgets and internet are running smoothly to avoid any surprises on the ceremony day. In addition, you can use this time to discuss the logistics of your ceremony, such as how far away from the camera you should be positioned or from which room you’ll make your entrance.

Tie It Together

Remember to plan your reception by delivering signature cocktails for your guests to raise a glass with or provide a gift basket with all the planning.
If you decide to go the gift basket route, you can add anything you want, such as mini cakes, customized cards thanking them for their presence, and snacks to enjoy during the reception. You also have an option of letting the guests raise a glass with a beverage of their own choice.

wedding shop. bride orders wedding dress online. bride with gadg

Woman making promo videoblog or photo session on wedding. Vlogger or journalist or blogger recording video with smartphone at wedding ceremony. Selective focus on woman with smart phone

Get married

At this point, you’re now ready to say your ‘I Dos’ before your family and friends virtually. Therefore, before the wedding, sip on your mimosa as you wait for your hair and makeup to get done.
Don’t forget to take photos that will act as memories in the future. So, press that start button on your gadget, and get married.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re on a budget or you want a simple wedding with your loved ones, zoom weddings are an available option for you. All you need to do is get your marriage license, create a zoom link, and set a time and date. Your loved ones can now attend your special day no matter how far apart you are.

Emily Griffin

Emily Griffin is a wedding planner who has been in the wedding industry for more than ten years. She plans online weddings and in-person weddings as well. Emily writes blogs and shares tips and tricks of achieving a successful wedding.


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